Thursday, July 31, 2008


Thanks to my dumplin'-lovin,"sure-we-can-do-that" sayin, knittin' Asian temptation gal pals Tomo (blogless but charming) and Jane, I was able to make these!

I'm callin' this colorway Summer Fruit. See the peach? It's like the same colors, kinda. Well, with some mango and raspberry influence. My favorite fruits!

These I'm going with Cool Pool as a colorway name. Not that I need colorway names--I doubt I could recreate them or market them!

I love them. The yarns. oh, and Jane and Tomo, too. hee hee...

So, other then Jane and Tomo's guidance and assistance, I was also helped by Knitpicks, smelly-jelly Kool-Aid, and some plain ole food coloring. Have I mentioned that I'm pretty pleased with myself? I had never dyed anything before, but I had a lot of (wet) fun painting these yarns.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What goes around comes around.

I love to knit. No, I REALLY love to knit. And apparently I like to knit the same damn thing--or at least variations on a theme. Or two degrees of separation from each other.

I just finished the Henley perfected in this lavender color with this lace pattern.
Of course, in 2006, I knit a lace shawl in the same dang color. (and dare I say the with the same lace pattern in part of it?)

And now, I'm in the middle of knitting a different lace shawl with the same damn lace stitch in most of the shawl.

Now notice the color of lapis blue of that shawl.

Does that color bear any resemblance to this yarn that I am going to cast on for the Ravelympics (Go Team SitnknitNYC!) for this sweater?
If the February Lady sweater turns out to have the same damn lace stitch in the pattern, I may just take up cross-stitching!