Sunday, October 12, 2008

Think of it as practice.

So, Poem-Man and I were out on our Connecticut theater-food-and-leaves annual Combus Day Weekend jaunt. A great play at Yale Repertory Theater and Indian food in New Haven. Then a lovely autumn morning stroll, pizza lunch, and drive to Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, when we practically crashed into this sign:

Outside CT Yarn and Wool


"Honey, can we stop here?" says ewephoric.
"Yes, *secret nickname here,* we can stop," defers Poem-Man.

Then I parked the car, and saw this:

CT Yarn and Wool Porch

Poem-Man in his talk ewephoric down off the ceiling voice: "May I remind you that you are going to Rhinebeck next weekend?"
ewephoric, sheepish- and peevishly, "I know, I know."

But then inside, this:

Inside CT Yarn and Wool

Well, what is a girl to do? Connecticut Yarn and Wool is a lovely shop with Carol-dyed (ok, that's the dyer who I met at the store) beautiful yarns that I've never seen anywhere. 4 rooms and a porch full of lovely yarns. And it was all 30% off. Rhinebeck-Shminebeck. Smash the Stash. i bought some yarn:

CT Yarn and Wool Fingering

CT Yarn and Wool Andy's Merino

And some undyed sock yarn that I want to dye up in "Autumn Leaves" colors and will show later.

I think of it as practicing for fondling, considering, and buying yarn at Rhinebeck. I want to be a pro, right?

Oh, and "Big River" at the Goodspeed was almost as good as the scenery outside the opera house.

East Haddam CT

BTW, I HAVE been knitting even though I haven't been blogging. Darn that day job of teaching--actually I'm grateful that I have the job and love it so much in these uncertain times!


Anonymous said...

You're so lucky with these run-ins at unexpected sales!!

The yarn looks absolutely delicious. Yum yum.

Annie said...


Eliza said...

wow.That is my dream.I only ever seem to stumble upon baskets of ugly acrylic.

Knitting Ewe said...


I just remembered reading this post that you said that you were going to be in Connecticut. I was actually recovery from a minor medical thing, so I wouldn't have been able to see you. I LOVE how you always let me know about a new Connecticut yarn store. I was actually thinking about taking another trip to Yarns Down Under.

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