Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blogiversary, baby!


It's a blogiversary--one whole year!

In the year that has been since I started this blog, I've knit (jeepers):

17 pairs of socks
8 hats
5.5 sweaters
3 scarves
2 pairs of mittens
2 baby items
1 toy
1 afghan
1 bag
1 hot water bottle cozy
.75 lace shawls

I've bought roughly 22, 239 yards of yarn. Crikey!

I have NOT:

gained nor lost any weight.
managed to keep Ravelry from taking over my life.
always maintained my stash vow.
learned how to do steeking.
spun or dyed my own yarn.

And I know it's been ages since I've blogged, but I have been knitting despite many distractions in my life these last few weeks....

Some lovely mittens, now that it is finally to warm to wear them.

A pile of almost-completed-lace-shawl:


Annie said...

17 socks PLUS a gazillion sweaters? Yee gads. You are fast and loose! (Hahahahah I laugh at my own bad jokes) I can't wait to see how that shawl looks when it is done. I love the color.

misplacedpom said...

Yo Penelope, where you been? Hopefully I'll see you on Monday night for drunkenness at the SNK partay! :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed meeting you today and loved reading your blog. Come see us again when you're in the area.
Lynne @ Six Loose Ladies

nicolina said...

wow! that's a crapload of yardage! i think i want to recruit you as my knitting personal trainer - to get me to knit more cuz work has taken over my life.

Eliza said...

this is why I don't count my skeins...I too am on an unofficial yarn diet (though if you are sad I think it's OK to buy some yarn to feel better).

I'm very impressed with your five sweaters, plus everything else. That's amazing!

Thanks for your notes these past weeks. They mean a lot.