Saturday, April 21, 2007

Stashing declaration


1. I will maintain a stash of no more than 10 yarns.
2. Those yarns of which my stash is composed shall thus be listed on my blog for all to monitor, praise, and mock.
3. I may have up to two (2) works-in-progress and the yarns in said WIPs will not count as the 10 yarns in my stash. A yarn must be cast-on (and not just swatched!) in order to be considered a WIP.
4. I will not purchase any yarns that will put my stash over the 10-yarn limit. 4a) I am allowed to ogle yarns online or in LYS or in other people's stashes for possible future purchase as much as my little heart desires. 4b) It does not matter if the yarn is 97% off or cashmere drops out of the sky--if it violates this declaration, it cannot come home with me. (Hila has already offered to be my gift recipient of any precipitating cashmere.) 4c. There are no allowances for gifts. 4d) All kinds of yarn count---sock yarn COUNTS!

5. I will not respond in any credit-card-fueled way should any persons try to get me to break my vow.

I, mzkwooz, have thus stated my yarn stash oath and testament. I have said it; so be it.



Annie said...

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Knitting Ewe said...

At least you can admit that it is a stash!

nicolina said...

like a moth to a flame. you shall be converted.

Anonymous said...

The provisos on #4 are rather harsh - for every rule there must be exceptions.

Code Purl said...

Let's start a bet here. I give her 1 month!