Sunday, April 29, 2007

Continuing on. No setbacks!

I began to feel I would falter at this new blogging thing. I was bogged down by the pressure to knit so I would have something to blog, the pressure to blog so that I would not have failed at a new thing (like the drop spindle spinning I tried yesterday), the pressure of the pure charm and knitting prowess of some of the blogs I read; the pressure to knit so that I could take more yarn off my stash list and abide by my stashing proclamation, and so on. I felt just like this poor little lamby seemingly abandoned at the Brooklyn Zoo Sheep Festival yesterday. No ewephoric exclamations here!

But I knit on and blog on and, life is good!

These are the specifically-correct-yet-uncomfortably named "Cable with Faggoting Center and Rib Socks" from Sensational Knitted Socks. The pictures were taken last Sunday and then this weekend--where I showed the sock from whence it came (well, sort of.) You can't really see the um, center of note, but when I finish these (by next weekend, dang it) and put them on, you'll see what faggoting means to knitting patterns.

This is a detail from the Donna sweater in the Jo Sharp Silk Road DK Tweed in the color cedar. This is the most ambiguous color ever. I meant to buy a kind of heathery greenish yarn to make the Cinxia sweater. Well, then this yarn came in the mail, and it seemed almost black. Dang. Then I knit it and it seemed the green I had been searching for. But in this picture it looks gray. whatever. The yarn feels so soft that I'm glad to be knitting it into a sweater that will touch all over the top of me (ahem, for the most part) instead of a cardigan. This project is also my 'brainless' knitting project to be the foil to my next project which I believe will be some sort of lace insanity.
So a yarn has come off the stash list. Woo hoo! Let the yarn-coveting with credit card in hand begin!


Knitting Ewe said...

Blog on with your bad self!
I love your new photo in the top right hand corner. That is an euphoric ewe if I ever saw one!

Annie said...

You're funny!

Tawana said...

Keep on blogging. Funny girl!