Monday, April 23, 2007

Blast from the (blogless) past!

Just a mere eight days ago, I was blissfully "blogless Penelope," knitting like crazy, speaking only to myself in amusing, pithy complete sentences, and even photographing my work as a record of the knitting I've done. I didn't keep a journal or notebook or anything, I (or Poem-man) just WORE the dang things I knit, or I let the little works of love go off into giftland.

I even joked with Allena about starting a blog and then posting a new finished object every day like I was some sort of Barry Bondsed knitter, but that seemed like a heartless, devious way to present myself to the knitting folk, so instead I opt for:

BLASTS from the PAST!
(insert your own appropriate song here--Today, I heard Separate Ways by Journey and flashed back to an earlier, limier green, Esprit-wearing time...but I digress in not a good way.)

I'll start with my most recent blogless effort and work kinda backwards until I run out of stuff.

Recipient/wearer: Poem-man

Pattern: Beaded Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks

Yarn: The pair was knit from one skein (only 293 yds!) of Colinette Jitterbug in #55 "Toscana" Yarn enabler: Stitch Therapy
Time I spent knitting them when I could should have been working out: About 10 days

These were a pretty straight-forward knit as they were designed to be knit toe-up (my FAVorite way), but the pattern is only a two-row repeat and almost mind-numbingly boring. My poem-man has only size 9-1/2 size feet, but I kept calling them clown feet because they seemed to take forEVer to knit. Poem-man loves them very much, and I would say that the yarn is lovely to handle.


Annie said...

Oh my GAWD is your blogroll in alphabetical order?

I was going to write a joke about your yarn stash being in order by color. But then I glanced at my stash - in order by color.

Harlem Purl said...

For some reason, I'm still not convinced that 1 skein of jitterbug can produce a normal sized pair of socks. I may have to knit a pair in order to become a believer.

I'm a toe-upper also. Actually a toe-up, wedge toe,heel flap, magic looper.