Monday, July 23, 2007

A winter sunflower...

In the midst of a beautiful summer day knitting with some great folks with beautiful weather and obnoxious music and inconsiderate mary-jane smokers (aren't I cute...) in beautiful Central Park, I finished the Entrelac Beret. As I wrote before, this was my first entrelac experience, and I really enjoyed it. I got good at knitting backwards and at making things up as I went along. I really got to practice my entrelac skills because I practically knit the whole thing twice. The first time I 'finished' it, you could have used it as a tote bag for three bowling balls it was so big. So I in the end, I only did three rows of 7-stitch entrelac, and then one 6-stitch, one 5-stitch, one triangle row , then the decreases and OUT! Know that I have a big head. Physically, I mean!

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Angora in Black (1.5 skeins) & magenta (1ish skein)
Yarn enabler: in March, 2007
Knit on: One 36" Knitpicks Size 6
Time I spent knitting these when I should have been putting musical theater youngsters through their paces: 14 days, July 8-22.

I can't believe this is how I decide to show my face online. Oh well. It's a bathroom-sited self-taken portrait of me in my slouchin' entrelac beret trying to match my magenta parka lining/inner jacket thing. I couldn't bring myself to put on my whole winter coat in the middle of July. I'm hoping I have enough left-over yarn to make some mittens to complete the set. They won't be entrelac though--I mean talk about overkill...

This picture shows my wedding afghan project. Here are the stats:

Time elapsed: 10 days
S & C's wedding Day: -12 days. (Twelve days to go!)
Repeats Completed: 2.5
Skeins knitted: 5.5 of 26.
o. mah. gawd.


Code Purl said...

Your beret came out really good! I've been wanting to try Entrelac and was hoping it was one of those things that looks much harder than it is.

Harlem Purl said...

I love the way your beret turned out. very nice indeedy.

nicolina said...

damn girl! i love it!

HPNY Knits said...

the hat looks great! you'll live in it comes winter!