Friday, May 11, 2007


See...this is what happens. Sometimes knitting (especially for others) seems like a good idea. I conduct a high school choir and have 22 seniors graduating. Instead of getting them dorky carnation corsages to wear at our last concert, I figured I would knit them all corsages. That should be easy, right? The students are always asking me to knit something for them (as if...), so I figured these would be nice little tokens. I research flower patterns, and find some cute ideas.

Pattern: Flowers
The picture to the left shows them before felting.
Yarn: Brown Sheep Worsted and some left over alpaca yarn from over 6 years ago.
Yarn Enabler: Knit-a-way
Time it takes: About 17 minutes for each flower.

These are quick to knit, but sort of hard to form. I've picked the felted ones, but I don't have a washing machine, so I decide to hand-felt them in my sink. Not so bad, I can handle this.

But in the end. They aren't going to do AT ALL. Way too big, heavy, and they look like...well..lumps of felted wool, rather than the charming roses I had hoped for. And the alpaca ones didn't work out even a little bit, so I'd also have to do about 15 more roses in the next 3 days.

So no knitted corsages for the singers of the Class of 2007. Zut alors!

I'm not going to digress from my knitting plans and plan to return to regularly-scheduled knitting.


Knitting Ewe said...

C'est la vie. Two semesters of college French and I still had to look that up! It's the thought that counts, maybe next year.

misplacedpom said...

I have a pattern by Nicky Epstein for knitted flowers that was in vogue knits about two years ago. If you want I can type it out and send it to you. They're quick and easy, no felting required! There's an awfully bad picture of one here:

From back in the day when I thought acrylic was still acceptable....