Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Feet!

Yay! The best thing about watching Happy Feet is that I finished these socks while watching it. I mean, the movie was ok, but I finished kitchenering the toes as the credits were rolling. And it's just cold enough today (whatthehellit'sMay???) that putting on handknit 100% wool socks is a true happy feet experience. Yowza!

Pattern: Monkey Socks
Yarn: Claudia Hand Paint Fingering Wt "Walk in Woods"
Yarn enabler: Simply Socks Yarn Company
Time I spent knitting in between the two concerts I had this week: 6 days!

These were fast, so fast! After the endless pair of the socks of the recent month, I needed the feeling of finishing something fast and not because I'm in some sort of stalker-competitive race with Ms. Quick. (Ok, maybe I am, but she runs and would kick my ass in any race, so I have to pretend that at least I could knit faster...) The pattern is so easy to memorize and execute. I was also helped by the fact that there wasn't an endless supply of yarn and that these went cuff down. I had to stop when I got to the toes, not when I ran out of yarn. Whew.

The yarn feels very comfy and warm though I worry about the softness vs. durability factor with the socks. I plan in the future to knit socks in yarn that's blended with nylon, silk, tencel, seacell, teflon, or whatever it is that will keep future socks from going the way of my Pomatomous-Koigu socks, but that's a different (slightly bitter) post.

I wasn't that thrilled with the yarn colorway, but I do like how the colorway brings out the pattern and vice versa. This pattern doesn't make socks as clingy as the other ribbing and cable-based socks that I've recently finished, and I'm not fond of the way the heel fits and looks, but whatever. Hell--I finished 'em in a week, they'll be perfect to wear with jeans, I have more space in my 10-yarn stash, and I have cute new socks!

I encourage you to Monkey See-Monkey do!