Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fill 'er up!

I LOVE to shop for, consider, and dream about new purchases of any kind, especially yarn, but I don't really love to BUY anything. I can spend happy moments on-line scrolling through pictures and pictures of yarn of different sellers and happily toss things into my virtual cart and can still be satisfied when I end the experience by closing the window, items unpurchased, transaction unconsummated. (It seems sick somewhow, but I don't know why.)

I HATE buyer's remorse...hate it! One of the reasons I've limited myself to 10 yarns on my stash is so that I discipline myself to only buying something when I really REALLY REALLY have to have it. For example there's this coral knitpicks sock yarn sitting on my stash taking up a slot. I shouldn't have bought it, but there it is waiting to be given away, knitted, or something. I leave it there as a reminder that sometimes, you don't have to have something. You just don't!

So imagine my thrill when after a months of unconsummated shopping, I finally had spaces to fill and could buy to my heart's content. And oh, I love the new yarns on my stash. I could leave them there a long time for the love! I haven't even brought myself to turning into sock yarn cupcakes because I love these skeins so much the way they are.

This first skein is for socks for me. I don't know what pattern may yet be worthy. Any ideas?

This skein is for socks for Poem-man. He picked the yarn out himself (with a little urging from me). I just finished Monkey socks for me, and you know about his thing of Monkey see-Monkey do, so perhaps this yarn is simian-bound.
Details about the yarn are in my stash list over there in my sidebar. If you want to have a shopping experience of love, please go to I ordered these prettily packaged skeins late Sunday night and received in the mail on Wednesday.
Oh, the love...


Annie said...

But what i you really really want them all?

misplacedpom said...

Ahem. I spent a week contemplating buying a whole heap of yarn, acrylic no less, for a ripple blanket. I filled many a virtual shopping cart and then closed the window.... But then I found a really sweet sale and, well, the yarn should arrive tomorrow. Could I have a little of your extra restraint please?!