Sunday, May 13, 2007

So much yarn...

Yay--Another pair of socks finished! These took me forEVer.

1) I was knitting on size Zero Addis with lovely but skinny yarn.

2) I went toe-up, and it's part of my upbringing to use up what I've got--including the bazillion yards of yarn that came with this generous skein.

3. I got side-tracked by the stupid roses. See eariler disaster post.

4. I increased half a bazillion stitches for my um...voluptuous calves. And a shout out sarcastic ha ha to those who felt I should continue to go to my thighs, which would mean increasing 3 bazillion stitches. You and you know who you are!

Pattern: "Cable with Faggoting Center and Rib Socks" from Sensational Knitted Socks.

Yarn and Yarn enabler: Brooklyn Handspun Signature Sock Yarn in "Guava."

Time I spent knitting them when I could have finished three pairs of sportweight socks: 23 days!

Faggoting: a openwork stripe effect with connecting threads across the open area that create a ladder effect. Look inside the cable.
Don't make me say the word or explain it again. I'm too embarrassed.

Look--still yarn left after these king daddies went big for the calf increase and up 2/3 of my shins.


Jane said...

Pretty socks! Love that color!

Harlem Purl said...

Lovely socks. Did you say 23 days is a long time for a pair of almost knee socks? And just when I thought I was being clever for unventing my own decreases. I'm off now to try and break my record of how many stitches I can knit in a minute.

Knitting Ewe said...

I will NEVER gauge my thighs!

Annie said...

Slacker. There's enough yarn there for thigh highs!