Friday, August 31, 2007

infidelity? bad...

So this is what it might feel like to cheat on a marriage--this having too many WIPs. Sure, I like that when I get a little bored with one project, I toss it aside and go on with a different one. Oh, yes, I love the different yarns--one because its soft, one because its substantial, one because of its color, and one because of its content. I also love different projects: one because of its simplicity, one because of its emerging texture, one because of its complications, one because I know the pattern so well. See how this goes? Too many loves to concentrate on.

The problem is is that I feel like I'm not getting anywhere with every single one of them! And when I work on one, I want to work on a different one. This WIP infidelity is screwing with my head!
For most of my knitting life, I've been a pretty much monogamous knitter, ok, maybe two WIP at a time. I committed and completed each project with a feeling of engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. For example my most faithful project in the last months is the Wedding Present afghan (see wedding=faithful, get it?)
Time elapsed: 49 days
# of days that S & C have been married: 26
Repeats Completed: 8.5
Skeins knitted: 18 of 26.
Length: 37.5 inches
Hence: There's light at the end of the tunnel!
Satisfaction quotient is high, but the afghan was getting so heavy that it broke my knitpicks options cable! I even tried using different needles, but didn't like it! Jane to me to glue the broken one, and I did, so all is better. It is like knitting an endless scarf, though....

Now, I usually kept a small traveling project, like socks that I could knit easily in public and while I was working out. Like these socks:

I like having socks on the needle so much that when I wanted to show Anne-Marie how I do toe-up socks, I thought there was no better way than to cast on socks to make for her Cashew. Isn't she cute and aren't the toesies cute?

So now there are two pairs (ok, maybe 1 and a half) on the needles.

But no, wait! I had to go ahead and cast on a sweater for my mother. Ooh, this yarn feels good after the heft of the afghan yarn and the relative stringiness of sock yarn.

See lots of WIPs to capture my attention. But it seems I'm putting out a lot of energy knitting and not seeing too many results. I just am not a knitting playah. So there. Monogamy for me (well, when I finish all these projects.) ;)


Annie said...

Ah yes, her toesies are cute! I love all your projects! It's fun to knit different things, but every now and then, a little focus to actually get them done. However I am AMAZED at how quickly you are knitting that afghan.

I think I am knitting my socks with too fin eof a gauge! Looks like I am going to have 70ish stitches pere sock, good grief! However I LOVE the yarn and LOVE how they are turning out so far. Heh heh. I've only made it to my pinky toe. Thanks for showing me the magic cast on!

nicolina said...

Yeah on the afghan! Now THAT'S an accomplishment. I need your CPH advice that you were going to give me, FYI.

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