Thursday, August 2, 2007

Actual Yarn Love.

I'd been complaining and complaining that I hadn't found any yarn worthy of the FOUR empty places on my yarn stash. I'd been shopping online and even tried to buy yarn at Purl Soho when I visited with the the funsters: the Tawana, Nicole, and Allena. Alas and alack they did not have enough of the O-Wool balance in the color I wanted for Cinxia. DRAT. I waited in vain for Wollmeise to come up on Loopy Ewe only to have it come up and disappear in the wee hours of the morning when people should be sleeping not stalking yarn. Whatever. But then, I found some LOVE from my friends at Actual Yarn Love.

The colors are so appealing to me, though I've begun to doubt my color sense. Poem-man even thought both colors masculine enough for socks for him. WHAT???? Maybe he can have the blue colorway... The rose-ish one is a wool-nylon blend and the bluish one is merino-tencel. Never tried the tencel before, so I'm pretty excited to cast on!

Of course, first I need to finish the Ambrosia Socks. I had a 24-hour setback because the first time I completed the heel on both socks and had worked my way onto the legs, I tried them on and thought, "Gosh, these heels seeme loose and bulbuous." Yeah, well, they were because I hadn't slipped the stitches on the hell flap--I had 34 stitches of plain ole stockinette on the heel. Quel stupidity. Anyway, I ripped out and re-knit and NOW I'm on the final stretch. Of course, this is Brooklyn Handspun, so there's like 3 billion yards, and I hate left-over yarn, so I may be knitting hip-length waders.

Oh, I got some other goodies from woolgirl
as well!

Cute, really TINY penguin stitch markers. (See the penny for scale.) And this funny String Warrior girl. I got her as a reward for trying to do yoga again.

In the meantime, the wedding afghan moves glacier-like to completion.

Time elapsed: 18 days
S & C's Wedding Day: -4 days.
Repeats Completed: 4.5
Skeins knitted: 9.5 of 26.
Length: 20.5 inches

Hence: Do you think I could knit it during the actual ceremony and reception?


Knitting Ewe said...

I think it would be awesome if you were working on their wedding afghan during the ceremony and reception. Thank you for that image it will keep me smiling today.

Code Purl said...

The baby knitting stuff isn't for me, silly! And I'm concerned if I knit wedding stuff it's just going to add to the stress of the day. So baby stuff it is!

Anonymous said...

There are some more lacks