Thursday, August 9, 2007

Muddling on...

Quandaries, quandaries, quandaries....

I'm not working right now (oh, I'm employed--just a teacher on summer break), so life is lacking structure, and I find that when life is lacking structure, I try to put structure to it in messed up ways, instead of ways that would actually provide the needed structure to my life.

For instance, instead of doing things like: preparing for the conference that I'm taking part in this weekend, organizing my stuff, knitting the wedding afghan, and seeing to my medical needs (which are not onerous--so no worries!), I'm trying to help someone fix his life and relationships (which is not my job), trolling for patterns to add to my dream list of knitting, shopping online for yarn and then quickly closing the cart windows, and knitting more socks in variegated colors all while listening to sappy music and sappier movies. A recipe for disaster, yes? At least I'm knitting!

Anyway! Here's some socks on the needles for Poem-man. Yes, it's modeled on my foot--just imagine them on a larger, wider, paler and hairier appendage. It's a chevron-welt pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, and I've taken to calling them (in my August funk) Weltschmerz socks, which is too unfair and too weighty for these delightfully oceanic blue, merino-tencel beauties. The yarn is a little squeaky (I don't know how else to describe it) compared to 100%merino--think of comparing Wisconsin cheese curds to French Camembert. WHAT? It's yarn that's delicious and quirky in its own right, but not the most buttery of fibers to knit. Well, I know what I mean, anyway. Poem-man has tried them on and likes the lightness and smoothness of the fabric, so we're happy here. I'm on the increases for the heel gusset and hope to finish this weekend on my conference trip.

I'm not talking about the wedding afghan. Except to say that I'm on the 11th of 26 skeins, and I just noticed that I made a mistake in the cable chart back about 15 rows and I'm just going to have to figure out a fudgy way to get back on track because I refuse to frog an entire skein of knitting and you can't really tell in the grand scheme of all these cables anyway!

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Annie said...

LOVE those socks. Cable mishap? Puh-lease. Wabi Sabi, baby!