Monday, August 27, 2007

Quick! Look over there!

See the pretty flower from the garden at Emily Dickinson's House in Amherst, Massachusetts!

Now look down there--careful it's a bee!

Yes, it's true. I'm just trying to distract you from the fact that I've broken my stash vow and am continuing on my March of Shame. We've already passed the first checkpoint at Green Mountain Spinnery. The second and most lethal part of the March continues at WEBS, where I first encountered the sock yarn display...

They had lots and lots of stuff, but I was in search of one thing (which became two purchases...). I passed up the Trekking and the Kaffe Fasset and the hand-dyed house brand and finally found a few remaining colors of Shibui Sock Yarn. Woo hoo!

Details of the yarn are over there to your right in my stash list. This is lovely, lovely, stuff. 100% superwash merino but with a little more inherent strength to it (or so it seems to me) that others like it! Of course, I broke my rule that says no 100% merino socks because holes emerge pretty quickly, but the saturated colors and the feel of the yarn made me go against my better judgement. I did buy some reinforcing yarn to do the toes and heels. Look what I got's going on here! These are socks for Poem-man in the Diagonal Rib pattern. (The color variation in the toes is from the reinforcing thread.)

The other color is for me. I wanted a change from all the multicolored hand-dyed yarns I've been using. These might become Poseidon socks or Whitbys or (insert suggestion here)?

Anyway, that's the yarn from the front of the Webs store stop. After walking around totally overwhelmed by all the yarns in the front, I went back into the really major sales in the warehouse. omigod. But that's for another day.

In the meantime, the wedding afghan is further along and, well--

How is this and this going to become that (which is a gift for my mother?)


Annie said...

That sock yarn is delicious. And good for you, you are knitting it right away. I can't believe you passed on the Kaffe Fasset. Perhaps that's because I didn't and ordered 3 colorways? Oops.

Code Purl said...

That cable swatch is lovely.

On my sleeves I was doing knit into the front, knit into the back kind of increases. I thought about doing a M1 but I always end up with holes with those and wasn't sure what else I could do that would really make a difference.

I was making the increases on opposite sides of the sleeve because I thought it would make the sleeve more balanced like in sewing. However, I realized I should make them at the beginning and end of the sleeve (around the marker) so all the increases would be in the same spot. I undid the part where I had the increases on either side and tried the later but it still looked bad. I wasn't sure what is considered acceptable as far as the "seam" goes...

Marietta said...

Thanks for writing this.