Thursday, June 7, 2007


I hate my arms today for two reasons. 1) They aren't really meant to be uncovered in public because while I've been building muscle definition and there's definitely lean muscle mass there, my brolicness is obscured by the fat that I haven't lost. Damn. 2) Because my arms are meant to be covered, I have to knit SLEEVES for any tops I knit. No cute tank tops for me--shrugs yes, tank tops no. And you can forget about bandeau tops. And I have to buy more yarn for said sleeves.

The sleeves to my lace cardigan are KILLING me slowly. They were supposed to be kimono sleeves, so I cast on 99 freakin' stitches for each sleeve (because why do the sleeves separately when I knit socks two-at-a-time. Aren't sleeves really socks without feet?). Well, that seemed like a ridiculous amount compared to the number of stitches I cast on to cover my bodily-torso fat, so whatever, I decided to have bell sleeves, 3/4 length ones at that. (Thank God my arms, while wide, are pretty short--oh such nice proportions I carry) . I cast on the 99 stitches and knit for a while then figured out how to decrease in the lace pattern (basically omitting yarn overs) and knit for a repeat or so, and now I've increased back up to 99 freakin' stitches and I may die before I finish. I exaggerate. I only have like 4 inches to go and there's not even any shaping to them for a set-in sleeve or anything, and I've only been knitting them for six days, but I'm so tired of knitting them. And now they're so extensive that I dropped the right of the circular needles while knitting them while on the stationary bike exercising this morning. And I have this niggling feeling that once I finish and attach the sleeves I won't like the bell sleeve shape. crap.

I have got to keep a pair of socks going at all times if I'm going to knit while exercising, and I'm gonna be knitting while exercising from time to time, let me tell you.

Because I'll exercise with more consistency and griping if I can knit while doing it, and if I exercise more then maybe my arms can go public, and then maybe I won't always have to knit SLEEVES, and then I can love my arms as much as I usually love the rest of me!

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Debbie said...

The sleeves look great, love the color and the shaping will be tres chic. :o) Deb