Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Share and share alike.

You see it's not all knitting a cardigan for me, knitting socks for me, buying yarn for projects for me.
My friend, Otto the owl, is a little giftee for my friends' 2 year old. I was told she was obsessed with owls, so of course I had to make Otto. Of course, the young recipient is two, so obsessions could come and go, but maybe she'll love Otto anyway.

Pattern: Otto the Owl from And So to Bed, by Lucinda Guy
Yarn used: Berroco Ultra Alpaca. You gotta love this yarn--so soft, so squishy. I love alpaca. sigh.
Yarn enabler: Knit-a-way
Time it took to knit when I should have been: Well, I shouldn't have been doing anything else. This was my illicit project--I knit on it when my hands started hurting from knitting mercerized cotton for this. I never put the yarn on my blog. I never showed the wip because I wanted it to be a surprise. But all in all, about a month or so of intermittent knitting.

I think he's awful cute. The seams were a pain to sew up. All his little appendages are fast but kind of dorky knitting, but the yarn was a pleasure to knit. Lots of good projects in this book, might I say. I think there are some more gifts to be knit up....

Secret Secret Feet revealed. Back when my knitting group had a secret feet exchange, one pair of feet went uncovered for a little while, and they just needed some sock lovin'! My yarn pusher--um--group leader got some lovely Koigu that I made into these lovely Jaywalkers. No need to blog-blather on the ubiquitous Jaywalker or on the merits of Koigu, right? Anyway here they are--I hope Ms. Secret Secret feet liked them!


Harlem Purl said...

How cute is that owl, really? You must tell us iof the little ones reaction when you gift it, K?

I'm about 5 rows away from finishing my first pair of jaywalkers so I've totally been sucked into the jaywalker black hole.

Annie said...

Yarn pusher *snort* I love the owl!

Code Purl said...

Thank you Penelope! They are so perfect. I'm wearing them right now and can't believe how soft they feel. These socks wouldn't taken me months; I have no idea how you managed to knit them up in just a week!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU PENNY! Otto the Owl is fabulous.

For Penny's fans - Yes, he is super-cute, but he FEELS even better -- he is squashy and soft and his wings flap in a most adorable way. My daughter loves him already. Penny gave him to Ruthy this evening and she wanted to hug him, gave him "drinks" of water, pushed him in a doll stroller and went to sleep tonight (oh so tired) hugging him.

And Penny, you are too funny keeping him a secret so I didn't read about him. Thanks again - and thanks from Ruthy, too! love Sarah