Monday, June 25, 2007

What a little focus can do.

I loved these enough and am proud enough of these to show you my bare knees. That's some pride and love, doncha think?

Pattern: Wyvern Woman's Socks
Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Sock Yarn in "Doublemint"
Yarn enabler: Woolgirl in May, 2007
Knit on: One long Knitpicks Size O, Magic Looped. (I love Magic Loop.)
Time I spent knitting these when I should have been cleaning the floors: 10 Days, June 16-25

Yeah, yeah, I know these weren't supposed to be knee-his, but I loved the color of the yarn and they went toe-up, so how could I not use all the yarn. I have about a yard of yarn left- you know how I love usin' it all up. The sock can have the pattern go all the way around the leg or have ribbing in the back. I have these crazy calves, so I'm all about ribbing and increasing the ribbing so that they fit all the way up my leg. And they're never falling down, believe you me.

The pattern is pretty fun and intuitive to knit--a lot like Monkey socks somehow I think, but without any purling. I also did the MI by doing a grandma increase (pulling up from the row below) on the edges of the front (so I wouldn't have ladder problems) and then did the ladder increase, twisting the loop as I went to do the 'seam' in the middle of the front of the sock. I'm a loose knitter so these kinds of increses made the pattern work out really well. If I could figure out how to take a picture of the back of my legs by myself, I'd show you those, but whatever--now you don't have to look at my, uh, shapely, calves.

I loved the color way at first and then when I started knitting I thought omigod they're baby-color socks and will be stupid. Now that I have them done I LOVE the colorway again. The yarn was a little splitty and hairy--it is a wool-nylon blend (my preferred choice for sock yarn)--but I am confident that I won't have any durability issues with these.

Yay! Now I have more space on my stash, which is great because I'm off for vacation tomorrow. I'm heading to Asheville, NC where I believe there are just a few places to do some vacation yarn shopping. Now, vacation yarn does count as stash in my book, but I've got some space, so yay! If you have any Asheville fiber insights to share, please do. I'm going to be knitting like crazy because my parents live on a mountain and like to golf, so I don't have a lot to do while I'm there. I plan on finishing that Donna sweater that's been languishing in my "yarn and patterns in play" list in the sidebar, and maybe, just maybe, I may start some more socks. I know, what a surprise...


Harlem Purl said...

Your socks are so purty. Gotta love the pool! Did you say it only took you ten days on a size zero to do those knee highs? Would you be willing to make that statement under oath with a pair of addi turbos in your right hand and your left hand placed upon a hardcover of Knitting Without Tears?

nicolina said...

Stupendous work! I'm slowly seeing you becoming a stasher....

Code Purl said...

They really turned out nice. Knee highs that don't fall down-what a concept! Keep up with the sock knitting. I'll live vicariously through you since I'm not planning to do any socks in the near future!

HPNY Knits said...